Friday, 11 December 2015

Oral HPV?

When I went to the dentist last week, I told him that I had ulcers on my gums. They told me to rinse the mouth out with salt water. The ulcers went away but unfortunately they have reappeared on another part of my gums. I am a little bit concerned because maybe I have HPV. I’ve been reading about oral HPV on the internet. I’m really reluctant to go to the doctor because the last time I went (about a month ago) I told him that I thought I had chlamydia because of acne-like spots on my face, and he thought I was completely hypochondriac. He took a blood test and took swabs and urine samples. I was found to be completely clean. Maybe I should go to another doctor, but maybe I should just chill out. Supposedly there is no cure to HPV and even if I have it it is pretty minor, similar to cold sores.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

How to Stop Annoying People Calling You

For some reason, someone from the Australian Stock Report rang me trying to sell me investment advice. The investment advice costs about $1000 per year, which is a rip off. Anyway, I tried to argue with this guy, but he didn't really address what I said. He just talked about a bunch of unrelated things. I suppose the logical thing for me to do would be to just hang up, but I suppose one of my personality flaws is that I am too polite. He said he was going to call me in a few days.

I have an app on my phone called Truecaller that I used to block his number. This is a great app. The problem is that marketers can easily turn off caller ID thereby making the caller show up as "private number." The Truecaller app has an option to block all private numbers, which I activated for a while.

The only problem is that my mother's phone, when she calls me, shows up as a private number. I've tried very hard to turn this off on my mother's phone, but nothing has worked, so unless I want to block my mother, I need to accept private calls, which means I am vulnerable to spammers and marketers.

What I will do when I receive a private number is simply pick up the phone but say nothing. I will wait for the other person to speak. If it's a voice I recognise, I'll keep talking. If it's a voice I don't recognise, I'll just hang up.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Positives of YouTube Brawl Videos

There's a guilty pleasure in watching a brawl on YouTube. Maybe there is something inherent in us humans to pay close attention to conflict.

Nowadays, whenever there is a brawl, people take out their smartphones and start recording, and at first I thought this was a sign that people were so keen to put up videos or pictures on their Facebook or Twitter feeds that they forget to actually do something to stop the fight. However, people suddenly filming brawls may actually be a good thing.

In the old days, fights were like rapes in that it was one person's word against another. Now because many fights are filmed with smartphones, it helps the police and maybe even judges in a courtroom. The cop who recently shot a black man in the back probably would have gotten away with it were it not for him being filmed (not via a smartphone). He is now indicted for murder.

With wearables technology such as Google Glass and the Narrative Clip allowing people to record anything at all times, privacy may be a thing of the past. We must assume that there will always be a camera on us. This can be seen as a negative, but it may also be seen as a positive. It means we will all be accountable for our actions because what we do will be watched by the world. Whether the world will judge us fairly is another issue.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Experience Trying to Date a Prostitute

On Monday, after work, I felt tired and lonely again, so I succumbed to temptation and visited a brothel. Three girls were presented to me, and I selected a young girl from Korea named Sarah. She was very pretty, and I fell in love with her when I saw her. She told me she was visiting for one year on a working holiday visa. She asked me if I had a girlfriend or wife, and I told her I didn’t. She asked me why I was single, so I told her I was still looking for the right girl. I then asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend and she actually said yes.

Anyway, because I felt like we both loved each other, the sex seemed more special and enjoyable. It was like she was my girlfriend. After it was over, we exchanged numbers, and I told her I would message her.

Two days later, I messaged her while I was at work, but she didn’t seem too keen. I asked her if she wanted to see me over the weekend, but she told me she was busy working. I asked about any other days, but she effectively said she was too busy working, so I told her I’d message her later. This kind of bummed me because I figure if she really wanted to see me she would make time for me.

Giving all these excuses suggests she doesn’t really care about me, which I suppose makes sense now that I think about it. She was probably pretending to like me when she was with me because that was part of the service. If this is indeed the case, I don’t have anything against her.

When I speak to people about the topic of intimate relationships with prostitutes, they always say it’s a bad idea because the prostitute only pretends to like you. She doesn’t genuinely care about you. But is this really a bad thing? If I go to a bakery and buy bread, is it a problem that the baker doesn’t love me? No, I just care about the bread.

Some people may say that they want others to love them, which is fine, but I don’t really think it matters that much what others think of you. Many people say that they don't care what others think, and they say this with pride. However, even though many people say they don't care about what others believe, in the context of marriage they typically say they want their wives or girlfriends to love them, and they care greatly about what members of the opposite sex think.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Raw C Protein and Cacao

I had this Raw C Protein and Cacao drink after a workout when I didn't have a protein shake on hand. I liked the fact this uses pea protein rather than whey, but even though I shook it before drinking, a large chunk of clumped powder remained in the bottle even after I drank the liquid. I am not sure if I didn't shake it enough or whether this is what happens when you buy a natural and organic product.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Coles Sweetened Almond Milk

I have a strange vegan diet in that when I spend my own money, I tend to buy vegan products. However, if other people offer me meat, I feel it is too rude to turn it down, so I eat it anyway. This issue came up when I was recently at a New Years barbecue that served only meat.

My vegan diet is quite simple. When I eat out, there is usually a vegetarian or vegan option, so I choose that. Today I ate out at an Indian restaurant and had a number of vegetarian options.

The topic of nutritional deficiency is never an issue with me. Even when I was an omnivore I always took a multivitamin pill and fish oil pill at night. I will continue to do this. Once my supplies of multivitamin and fish oil run out, I'll just need to purchase vegan multivitamin and vegan omega 3 pills.

Before I got serious about being a vegan, I went to the gym and found myself trying to get protein from meat, milk, and whey. But now I simply replace all this with a vegan protein powder.

One vegan product I've been drinking is almond milk, which is an excellent replacement for cows milk. I purchase my almond milk from Coles. It tends to cost $2.50 per litre, which is more expensive than cows milk at $1.00 per litre. I buy sweetened almond milk because it tastes better. I know it has added sugar in it, but each glass of almond milk only contains 3 grams of sugar in it compared to cows milk, which contains 9 grams per glass, so sweetened almond milk is already low in sugar. The unsweetened almond milk has less than one gram of sugar per glass and, in my opinion, doesn't taste nice. I figure 3 grams of sugar per glass is worth it.

I have tried the Coles brand rice milk, which is cheaper at $2 per litre. However, rice milk has a sugar content similar to that of cows milk. Rice milk also doesn't taste nice.

Soy milk is even cheaper than rice milk, around $1.50 per litre, but soy does not taste as good as almonds, and soy is a very controversial plant that is thought to disrupt hormones. The science on this is very fuzzy. There are thousands of medical studies that show soy is harmful, but there are also thousands of medical studies that show soy is harmless. It is sad that science is not free from corruption, but we need to do the best we can in this imperfect world. I drink soy milk whenever I order a coffee, but otherwise I avoid it.