08 January 2017

Stronger Beings Exploit Weaker Beings

In nature, stronger beings exploit weaker beings. Strong humans exploit weak humans who in turn exploit weaker humans who in turn exploit animals. This chain of domination and subordination ends up enslaving almost every being to some degree, and freedom is rare. It is possible for slaves to break free of their shackles. Slavery thousands of years before was achieved using whips and chains, but today it is primarily achieved using debt, inflation, and marketing. Men are piled with debt: student loans, mortgage, car loan, phone plans, school fees, and credit card debt. We slave away in a 9 to 5 job to pay off these debts, and we typically work till we are very old. Money printing and fractional reserve banking increase the supply of money in the economy, which increases the price of everything. Marketing increases the demand for everything by making us spend more on stuff (benefiting retailers). To afford all, this we borrow money and end up paying interest (benefiting banks). If we spend more, we divert less of our income into what really gives us freedom, namely dividend-paying shares and interest-paying bonds. If you pay debt, you are a slave and you work for others. If you own debt, you are a slave owner, and others work for you. Don't borrow from the bank. Own the bank instead. Avoid debt, avoid obligation, and avoid commitment. Free yourself first, and once you escape from slavery, help other slaves free themselves. Be a free man, be accountable to no one, owe nothing. Do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, how you want.

Tarocash Vegan Non-Wool Men's Business Suits in Australia?

I normally buy men's business suits in Myer, but after I became vegan I found that I could not shop there because just about every single suit there has wool in it. If there were any polyester suits there, they would look really cheap and poor, so I couldn't buy a suit there.

I searched the internet and noticed that Tarocash has stores all around Australia and, according to their websites, their suits are made of a blend if polyester, viscose, and elastane, which are vegan fabrics.

The Tarocash website is very helpful because you are able to buy products online, and the product listings are detailed enough that you can determine what sort of fabrics they use. I was checking the website in early January, which is fortunate because there were many discounts offered on the website.

I never buy suits (or any clothing) online because it's too risky. I like to try it on in person to see if it fits, and I like to see the fabrics with my own eyes.

I identified the nearest Tarocash on their website and visited their store.

What I found was that the salespeople in Tarocash are a lot more persistent than in, say, Myer. They will come up to you, ask you to try a suit, and then suggest some for you. In Myer they mostly just leave you alone. I actually welcomed a bit of persistence from the salespeople because I wanted someone to guide me. My advice is to keep asking many questions and to try on different suits so that you are sure you are getting what you want.

The suits at Tarocash are made of a polyester blend, and polyester is usually looked down upon by wool suit purists, but there are many different textures of suits at Tarocash and many of them look very nice. All the suits I saw did not have wool in them.

One of the benefits of a non-wool suit is that they tend to be significantly cheaper, and they are not necessarily worse in terms of quality. You really need to touch and see the suits for yourself.

I ended up buying a grey suit for $150 as it was on sale. Clothes are usually cheap after the Christmas holidays, and post-holiday discounts usually last throughout January.

My advice is to expect to spend around $200 to $300, go to your local Tarocash during January, and let the staff there help you with size.

Even though the suits that I saw in Tarocash did not have wool in them, there is no vegan certification on them, so I am not fully certain if they are vegan or not. If Tarocash could clarify, that would be helpful.