19 October 2013

Khmer translator for Android with Khmer fonts

I have Khmer parents who don't speak English well. My Khmer is not as great ad my English, so communicating with them has always been difficult.
When I learned that Google Translate would now support Khmer, I celebrated because now I can use Google Translate to communicate with my parents.
Unfortunately, when I install Google Translate on my Android phone, the Khmer translation shows up using the Roman alphabet because Google Translate does not support Khmer text. This is a bummer since it means I will mot be able to show my parents the Khmer text. They cannot read the Roman alphabet well.

This problem was fixed simply by installing another app from the Google Play store called Instalator. This app is powered by Google Translate but in versions of Android greater than 4.0 it supports Khmer text. It is perfect.

05 October 2013

Don't use Zovirax for cold sores

About one year ago, I had an outbreak of cold sores. I took Famvir immediately, which seemed to work.  Famvir is pill that you take as soon as you see the cold sores appear. My doctor gave me extra prescriptions for Famvir.

Unfortunately, recently, about a year later, I had another outbreak of cold sores. I tried to find the Famvir prescription but I had lost it. Instead I purchased Zovirax, which is a cream you apply to the cold sore to treat it.

The bottom line is that Zovirax seems to work, but the package and the internet say that you cannot swallow Zovirax. This is completely unreasonable because cold sore almost always break out on your lips or near your lips. If you apply Zovirax to your lips to treat cold sores, you will eventually swallow the cream when you eat, drink, or sleep.

I will ask my doctor for prescriptions of Famvir so I don't need to use Zovirax (or Blistex or similar cold sore creams) when I have a cold sore outbreak again.