14 January 2018

Domino's Australia Offers Vegan Pizza

Normally when vegans eat pizza, they order a vegetarian pizza and then remove the cheese, but for me a pizza without cheese just doesn't feel right. Thankfully, Domino's Australia now has vegan pizza, which it released on 8 January 2018. I was alerted to this after watching the YouTube video below.

It is quite simple to order. Just install the Domino's app on your phone and then when ordering a pizza simply scroll down all the way until you find the "vegan menu." Alternatively you can simply select a vegetarian pizza and then press a button that allows you to replace the dairy cheese with vegan cheese.

According to the video above, the vegan cheese used comes from Follow Your Heart. The key ingredient in these vegan cheeses are coconut oil, which is interesting because many vegan dairy products nowadays seem to use coconut, e.g. coconut yoghurt.