13 March 2019

Flexible Working vs Social Media

Another example of how biased everyone is to natalism can be found in different attitudes to flexible working and social media even though both are similar in that they are electronic means of bringing people together.

Society seems to be against social media and dating apps because it seems impersonal and doesn't bring people together. Usually with dating apps or social media, it creates an abundance of opportunities and so people hold out for something better. It creates higher expectations. It is bad for relationships and so contributes to less serious pair bonding and less breeding. It is against natalism, so people are against it.

However, flexible working enables people to work at home while taking care of the children. It is pro-natalist and so is looked upon favourably even though arguably flexible working pretty much has the same limitations that social media has vs real life interaction.

People are for face-to-face interaction when it comes to personal life, family, children, etc but when it comes to work people are against face-to-face interaction. This is a double standard.