30 June 2018

Light Phone 2

The video below of the Light Phone 2 looks interesting. It is pretty much a phone that has a few functions: make calls, send and receive SMS, and has a contact list. There may be a few other features in there, but basically it has nothing addictive in there e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. It just has useful tools in there.

Human Extinction is the Final Atrocity

Having a child is a vote of confidence in society. If you have optimism in society and think humanity is inherently good, your child will grow up and be raised within a beautiful world.

But if we look at the state of the world today, it is hard to justify optimism in society and humanity. You only need to read the news and talk to work colleagues and family to conclude that humanity is inherently corrupt, vulgar, and utterly depraved. Society is slowly rotting under the weight of racism, sexism, corruption, slavery, torture, and greed. 

If you give birth and bring a child into this world, such an act is tantamount to child abuse. You are exposing an innocent creature to a world that is so vile and evil, and if this child has her own children, that creates more lives exposed to suffering and exploitation.
The best way to reduce suffering is to slow population growth, which means we all have a moral duty to go on a birthstrike.

Not having children not only reduces suffering but is also good for the environment. You help the forests, the mountains, the air, the ocean, the trees, the rivers, and the animals. Mother Nature is an innocent being, and she suffers at the hands of humanity, which grows like a cancer engulfing the world.

Not only is childlessness good for humanity and for the environment, but it is also good for your personal finances. This is the principle of prosperity antinatalism. By refusing to breed, not only are you engaging in a selfless act that helps the animals and the planet but you are also saving yourself hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars. The cost of having a child is immense. By having a child, you are effectively consigning yourself to a lifetime of wage slavery. However, if you are childfree, Mother Nature rewards you financially for your selfless behavior.

When humans have freedom, they use their freedom to commit gross atrocities against the environment and the animals. However, an atrocity against humanity is an attack on the freedom humans have to commit atrocities on Mother Nature.

Human extinction is the final atrocity, the atrocity that ends all atrocity.

Freedom Entails Freedom to Commit Atrocity

My brother is a right wing nutcase and I keep telling him that the environment is being destroyed by humanity, but he claims that he has freedom and can do what he wants and can eat meat and kill animals, etc. I find this frustrating because it is true that he can do what he wants and this pretty much allows people to just get away with any atrocity be it environmental degradation, animal abuse, rape and torture and anything.

However, lately I have been talking about antinatalism and how I am never ever breeding and will advocate to others never to breed, and my brother seems worried by this. Being a conservative he is concerned about the low birthrate and the death of marriage, and he is a married man with many children, and I think he is angry at me for being childfree and therefore wealthy as I have zero debt and lots of investments in shares and crypto that enables me to live off passive income and take it easy in life, not stress out at work, etc whereas he is a slave to the banks constantly working paycheck to paycheck to pay the mortgage, stay-at-home wife, and multiple children. I think he is envious of me and he is frustrated because deep down he cannot do anything because he acknowledges that I too have freedom and, as is the case with him, that freedom entails freedom to commit atrocities against Natalism.

This is one of the good points about antinatalism, that you are not dependent on the benevolence of others. You control your own life so you can go ahead and refuse to breed or get a vasectomy. You can spread the message of antinatalism to others, and when you spread the message to others many of them will follow you thereby creating an army of antinatalists who will drop the birthrate.

Antinatalism is not like e.g. environmentalism or veganism that requires other people to not pollute or eat animal products. Other humans can exercise their freedom to commit atrocities on the environment or on animals. However, an atrocity against humanity is an attack on the freedom humans have to commit atrocities on Mother Nature. As such, the atrocity against humanity is the final atrocity, the atrocity that ends all atrocity.

Another good point about antinatalism is that it is profitable. By not breeding you save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. The cost of having a child is immense. Have a child and you pretty much consign yourself to a lifetime of dull and cruel wage slavery. If you are an antinatalist, Mother Nature rewards you financially for your selfless behavior.

Humans are corrupt and will always rationalize the oppression of those below them (while complaining of the oppression they receive from those above them) so the only solution is to destroy humanity.