19 November 2008

Copy China: How to Beat African Poverty

What is needed to really spread prosperity is to give these poor people jobs. This was how China stood up from poverty to prosperity: hundreds of millions migrated from the country to the city to work in low-paid job and bit-by-bit they became rich.

I would really like to see the same thing happening in Africa, but unfortunately Africa is a dry, harsh place filled with conflict and corrupt governments. Most people have given up on Africa but I think if we copy China we can rescue Africans from poverty.

Simply, we set up in developed countries like Australia, America, Canada, or England zones in secluded area where Africans can live. For example, in Australia, a wide area of outback desert can be deemed a Special Economic Zone. The government can then subsidize mass migration of Africans from Africa to Australia (or any other developed country) and put them in this Special Economic Zone. In this economic zone, companies like Nike, Reebok, and other manufacturers can employ African labor for very low costs, competing with the Chinese. Slowly, African wealth will increase. As the Australian government taxes companies 30% of profits, the government wins as well. Companies win because they have access to an even greater pool of cheap labor. Everyone wins.

Because the Africans are working in countries like Australia and America, corruption will hopefully lessen and businesses will have confidence hiring labor. Labor moving from Africa to developed countries mirrors the migration of peasants from rural China to the cities.

I understand that politically speaking many racists may not want mass migration of Africans and that unions may not want the increased competition to decrease the wages of their workers. Nevertheless, the massive tax revenue that can be collected from this activity can be used to effectively buy the votes of these groups of people, and I am hopeful that voters will think that the benefits of finally freeing the world from poverty is more important than the cost of losing a few manufacturing jobs here and there. Manufacturing jobs are already dead in rich countries anyway. If the Asians are already taking American jobs, why not bring the Africans in?

12 November 2008

David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews

I have just seen one of the most bizarre documentaries ever. It is called The Lizards and the Jews. It is about a man named David Icke who believes that the world is being control by a group of elite reptiles who drink human children's blood. People like George Bush, the Queen, and Al Gore are all reptiles who have the ability to morph or shapeshift into humans.

Many people accuse him of being a racist. They claim that when David Icke talks about reptiles, he is actually talking about Jews. Whether this is true or not is a mystery. Icke claims it's not true, and given that he goes into detail about how similar humans and reptiles are, it leads me to believe that Icke is talking about actual lizards.

It's fine if Icke claims that people are lizards, but where is the evidence for this? Has he collected blood samples from elite bankers and measured genetic relatedness between their DNA and lizard DNA?

In an attempt to humiliate David Icke, a group of young people decide to try throw pie at Icke's face. I personally think this is very immature. If they want to attack him, they should attack his arguments. They should ask him whether he has any evidence for his claims, e.g. whether he has analyzed DNA.

11 November 2008

Weight Loss is Serious

I have been talking about weight loss to a lot of people, both in my family and at work. I find that people don’t really take me seriously, and this frustrates me to a degree. I think most people think that only women worry about weight loss because women tend to care about how sexy they look. Losing weight then is all about vanity and making sure you are capable of getting a husband. When I tell other people that I am trying to lose weight, I think they laugh at me because they think that I am doing something that they perceive is feminine. I look at the issue differently.

Being fat is the most common way people get type 2 diabetes. This is no laughing matter. This is serious. This is survival. This is life and death. Yesterday my dad was taunting me, showing me Cherry Ripe and Picnic chocolate bars, holding them up to me with a huge grin in his face. This makes me angry because essentially what he is doing is offering me poison. He is like a drug dealer.

Overcoming Needle Phobia

I went to the doctor to get a blood test. I was sitting and waiting for the blood to be taken from me, but I didn’t want to look at the needle going into my arm, so the doctor told me to lie down. He jokingly told me that I was behaving like a little girl. I did not appreciate his gender stereotyping. When the needle went it, it stung a little, but it wasn’t that bad. I closed my eyes and didn’t look at anything. Even with my eyes open I was just looking up at the ceiling but I didn’t want to accidentally see anything. I think looking at all those contraptions is what really hurts me.

Then I started to think about the similarities between injections and rape. Women who have been raped can be traumatized by orgasm because it is too painful. Similarly, when I get a blood test, I am being raped because a metal object is being shoved into my arm. The problem is that penetrative sex is not really necessary for survival while needles are necessarily if you want to detect potential diseases.

I would love it if some scientist could invent something that draws blood from a person without any pain at all. Preferably this machine would draw blood without any penetration. If some scientist could invent this machine, I would imagine that he or she would be extremely rich. I am willing to pay at least $500 dollars to ensure that my injections are painless. Statistics show that about 10 per cent of people are needle phobic. If we assume that everyone in Australia (20 million people) needs to get injection and if we assume that each of these needle phobes are willing to pay $500 just like me, then you can collection revenue of $1 billion. That is just in Australia alone. You will be absolutely rich if you export this technology all over the world. Given that the pay is so good, scientists really should work on it.

Don't Treat Food Like a Luxury Good

Too many of us look at food as if it were a luxury good. We need to stop this because pleasurable foods tend to be bad for us. The thing about luxury objects like jewelry is that jewelry by itself is not harmful. A watch from Patek Phillipe or a car from BMW is not going to hurt you (it might hurt you economically though).

However, luxury food can hurt you! That is the difference. When I talk about luxury food I am not talking about caviar or expensive wine. I am talking about KFC. I consider something as a luxury if it gives you pleasure. I think therefore it is necessarily to look at food not as a luxury good but as a tool for survival. Get your luxuries elsewhere where it is harmless, e.g. from watching TV (although too much TV might get in the way of exercise).

06 November 2008

Why You Should Do What You Love

Many teachers tell students to do what they love as a career. There are those who do not believe this, thinking that doing what you love may not pay well and that enduring the pain of doing something you hate can be worth it if it pays well.

I would just like to say that I have heard of a finance executive who worked in a stressful job in their 20s and then when he was 30 he had a heart attack and died. Many people say, "No pain, no gain." Since work stress leads to heart disease and diabetes, pain from career stress will have no gain. In fact, there is a cost of pain. Medical studies have shown that stress increase blood pressure as well.

By definition, something that you love doing is not stressful, which means that you can go on making money without chopping off years from your life expectancy.

It's important to remember that poverty can be stressful as well, so if you are young and you are starting from scratch then you may need to do something stressful to build up enough capital to cover necessities like food and clothing. You may need to work at McDonald's flipping burgers for a while and putting your income aside into a bank savings account until the interest from that account covers your food cost. Then you can be certain that you won't starve to death and you will have the freedom to pursue a better career.

05 November 2008

Sex and Sloth: The Two Greatest Threats to Survival

Earlier I wrote about my new Casio watch that I purchased from Ebay for around $30. Someone commented on that post and said something like, "Good luck pulling chicks with that watch." I deleted the comment because it wasn't productive, but for a while I thought about what he said and I am going to talk about it now.

I believe that all humans are born with debt. Every human needs food and water to live. We need a certain amount of kilojoules of energy, a certain amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. When we are hungry, it is as if your body is sending you a bill that you must pay off with food. I call this food debt.

I believe that debt is bad since it restricts freedom and happiness. Therefore, it is essential that I pay off this debt. One way I can pay off this debt is to buy income-producing assets like shares, property, and bonds. The more income-producing assets I buy, the greater my passive income is. As my passive income increases, it may one day increase to a level where I can completely cover my food debt.

In order to buy income-producing assets, I must save cash. I must not buy luxury goods like expensive watches or expensive cars. If I do buy these goods, I therefore save less, buy fewer income-producing assets, produce lower passive income, and thus increase my probability of death.

I understand that some or many females may be attracted by a man's signals of high reproductive fitness, such as an expensive car or an expensive house. I also understand that it is within the nature of humans to mate and propagate their genes. However, for the sake of survival it is necessary that I suppress this instinct. If I give in to the sex instinct, it means I put more resources into attracting a mate. If I do this, it steals resources from other endeavors in life, such as paying off food debt, which is essential to increase the probability of survival. Thus I have proven logically that sex kills.

Another threat to survival is sloth or laziness. Humans have a tendency to do what is pleasurable in the short-term to the detriment of the long term. For example, you may binge on sugar or alcohol, unaware that too much sugar can make you fat or alcohol, even in moderation, increases the risk of mouth cancer by 75 per cent.

Sex and sloth then are the two biggest threats to survival that I have identified, and I make a conscious effort to suppress these instincts for the sake of my own survival.