21 October 2018

Grill'd Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0

I went to Grill'd today with a friend. I remember having a vegan cheeseburger at Grill'd previously, and it didn’t fill me up, so this time I had two vegan cheeseburgers. Grill'd has changed their vegan burgers (hence the 2.0).

The vegan patties they use in the 2.0 version burger is actually quite nice. I had two vegan burgers because I wanted to avoid the chips because I did’t know if they’re vegan.

When ordering the vegan cheeseburger, you will be asked what type of bun you want. Make sure you get the traditional, panini or gluten free bun because these are vegan. (The low-carb bun contains egg.) I also had a Pepsi Max, which is definitely vegan. 

Grill'd also have a vegetarian burger called Hemp Therapea. However, this contains tzatziki, which contains dairy and so is not vegan. According to the review below, removing the tzatziki makes the burger taste quite bad. Furthermore, when I order at restaurants, I don't like to change too much because it's too much hassle.

All in all, I am quite impressed with the Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0 and would definitely order more. I checked the ingredients used in the burger, and it is primarily pea protein, which is the same protein used in the Beyond Meat burger patties. As such, the Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0 is not only meat, dairy, and egg free but also soy free as well. Each vegan cheeseburger with traditional bun contains 30 grams of protein, so having two burgers gave me 60 grams of protein. The recommended minimum amount of protein to aim for each day is 50 grams.

16 October 2018

Humanity Deserves Extinction and the Connection between Antinatalism and Financial Independence

Look around at everyone around you. They are mindless drones trying to do everything they can to keep their credit score healthy so that they can one day get a mortgage and car loan so that they can drown in debt.

My advice to everyone is to forget about your credit score. It should be called "slavery score" to reflect what it actually is. It is a signal to slave owners of how good of a debt slave you are. Debt is slavery.

What do you do instead of becoming a debt slave like everyone else? Don't succumb to consumerism, never have children, invest in shares and crypto, and live off dividends.

Of course, most people agree that too much debt is horrible and having children is wonderful. But the two are related. A child is a huge liability. Debt is characterised by an obligation to pay. Children are no different.

Living off passive income is great because you get an income and don't need to work. If you have debt, it is the opposite, that is, you have to work and someone else gets income for doing nothing.

Having children and living off passive income are related. How do you get the money in the first place to buy the financial assets to give you financial independence?

The answer is that you don't have children. Children are extremely expensive. The decision to never have children will save you approximately $1.1 million across your lifetime.

Of course, isn't living a childfree life for the sake of money selfish? Yes it is, but it is also highly selfless and altruistic. Breeding is the number one contributor to climate change. More people in the world means more pollution, more carbon emissions. Furthermore, as humanity grows in size, there are more meat eaters (assuming no vegans) contributing not only to climate change but also animal abuse as the need to feed more and more humans means slaughter of animals needs to occur much faster, which leads to industrial scale mass slaughter that currently kills one billion animals per week in a process so evil that it puts the holocaust to shame. This process will need to scale up much more to meet the demands of 10 billion people on the earth by 2050, and scaling up the factory farms will lead to unimaginable animal suffering.

As the apex predator, as the most dominant and intelligent and arguably most moral species, we humans have a moral obligation to impose a moral order on all animals below us, to protect the weak and vulnerable.

Instead we have completely failed. We exploit, oppress and torture the animals and destroy the earth. We have failed the world and we deserve nothing but extinction via antinatalism.