02 January 2012

My experiences with a Jehovas Witness

There is a Jehovas Witness woman named Kristie who keeps visiting me, oftentimes with her children. She came over yesterday with her daughter. I am happy to discuss religion with her, but the reality is that I had my whole family, including my wife, all in the house with me, and all of them I know are against Jehovas Witnesses, so I didn’t want to be seen as associating with the enemy by talking with a Jehovas Witness. 

I tried to tell the Jehovas Witness this, saying that my family is against the religion and therefore I am not too comfortable exploring the faith. I said this mainly because I wanted them to go away. Kristie then sort of accused me of being passive and subservient, that I did not consider all the facts before making a decision on what faith to follow, instead just following whatever religion I was told to follow. I could have escalated this and told her that my family don’t actually coerce me, that I just want to fit in or assimilate into the culture that I am in. But I decided against it. Instead I nodded my head and stayed silent. The silence became a little awkward, so Kristie changed the subject. 

My wife then confronted me, telling me that Jehovas Witnesses were crazy people. I made the mistake of engaging in an argument with her about whether religion was good or bad for a society. That went on forever. I should have followed the principle I followed when I spoke with the Jehovas Witnesses and stopped arguing before the argument escalated into a war.