08 January 2008

Scorched Earth 3D

Link: Scorched Earth 3D

Ever since I was young I was a fan of Scorched Earth. When I replay the game now that I am a young adult, it brings a sense of nostalgia to me. I remember playing this game with my brother and whenever my little cousin came over she played with us as well.

The aim of the game is for players to control tanks and take it in turns changing the direction, elevation, and power behind a missile shot. You can even change weapons, so instead of using a missile you can use weapons like the MIRV or strange weapons like the Funky Bomb. There is a great deal of suspense in this game as you opponents slowly figure out the right settings needed to hit you and you must kill them before they have a chance to kill you. It is a very exciting game and usually when we played as children we would make so much noise that the parents would be distracted.

Today I played Scorched Earth 3D, a remake of the old game that, as the name suggests, is in 3D now instead of being in 2D. I played against two other easy bots and I won easily. My favorite weapons were the MIRVs and the Funky Bombs, just like with the original Scorched Earth. Scorched Earth 3D looks better than the original, which is to be expected. However, I found that because the locations were much larger and because you have an extra dimension, the game was a lot less action-packed. It was more passive and slow. In the original, a Funky Bomb explosion would fill up the whole screen. In Scorched Earth 3D, a Funky Bomb would only fill up a small portion of the overall location. Navigating around the 3D environment can also be difficult. I found it easier to correct my previous shots by always using smoke tracers. I recommend players use smoke tracers because they are very cheap.

Scorched Earth 3D is a free game. Anyone can download it right now and play it.


Anonymous said...

Can you post a URL - or Download file for Mac OSX. Thanks. Appreciated. Or a link leading to one that WORKS. Thanks :D

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