22 February 2009

I Married My Horse

Above you can watch a documentary on Youtube about men in America who have intimate relationships with non-human animals. One man even married a pony. An episode of Jerry Springer featured the man, but this episode was never shown on TV because management watched it and disapproved.

What I find interesting is the politics of bestiality. According to libertarian ideology, bestiality is okay because libertarians believe that humans are free to do whatever they want with their property so long as they do not harm other humans in the process. Non-human animals are the property of a human and so that human is allowed to marry or have sexual relations with that animal if he or she wants it. According to Liberty Scott (see Bestiality, Oopss), "The fundamental point is that the animal does not have rights. Since it is legal to kill the animal, farm and hold the animal as property, having sex with it is no different. The Dutch prohibit cruelty to animals, in that deliberate sadistic conduct or cruel neglect of an animal you own is illegal - but do not prohibit bestiality, but acts of bestiality that are cruel are prohibited because they are cruel, not because of the sexual dimension."

No wonder the Libertarian Party in the US is so unpopular.


Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

Other couples should take advice from this guy on how to maintain a stable marriage :P Hahahahahaha! Sorry , I couldn't resist.

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