Saturday, 27 August 2016

Chiang Mai as a Safety Net

It is important to save up enough money so that you are not a slave to your manager at work. If things are not going well at work, you can always take your FU money and go live in the country where you can work on working online.

I've never tested this out in practice, so I don't know if it will work or not. That being said, going out into the country is just one option in my head. Another option is going to Chiang Mai where US$1000 per month allows you to live like a king.

There are plenty of "digital nomads" in Chiang Mai who earn Western wages and also live luxurious lifestyles (pools, maids, etc) on less than $1000 per month, allowing them to save and invest heavily, which is completely different to the hand-to-mouth paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle that is common in America, especially with marriage, mortgage and children heavily promoted.

Anyway, this is all in my head. I am still a worker bee at the moment trying to save up as much FU money as possible and trying not to conform to the marriage, mortgage, and children lifestyle that would destroy my savings and make me a wage slave for the rest of my life.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

FU Money is Important

If you don't know what FU money is, watch the YouTube video below. Otherwise, skip the video.

FU money is absolutely integral to happiness, in my opinion. For me, I have calculated FU money to be $1000 per month, which requires about $300k in investments.

There are three necessities: (1) shelter, (2) food, and (3) wifi.

Shelter is $500 per month based on the rent on a one bedroom house way out in the country. Food is $400 per month based on the cost of Soylent (or Joylent/Huel/Aussielent depending on where you live). WiFi is $60 per month. Round it up to $1000 per month.

If anything goes wrong, I can just retreat into the country, sip on my Soylent, and slowly work on eCommere.

Right now, of course, I am in the matrix and I am working, but because I have FU money I don't feel the need to be ambitious or to make myself uncomfortable. I am just cruising so that I can grow my passive/investment income so I can earn more than $1000 per month. That being said, I am sort of passive and betaish at work. I am a junior worker so I follow orders from the manager, but it's not too stressful. If things get really bad, I can always try to transfer to a different area, but otherwise I can just leave and live in the country building up or bootstrapping online businesses.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Urban Hermit

Yesterday I was very busy. I arrived at work early at six in the morning to get more work done. All in all, I am happy with my job now. I enjoy the work. I have recently signed up for Netflix. Watching YouTube videos is great, and I have learned a lot from watching YouTube videos, but there is so much hate and negativity on YouTube. Dealing with the trolls on YouTube is quite draining. I am hoping the world of Netflix is more civilized. I will still continue to watch YouTube, but I will try to get into Netflix more.

My intention is to become an urban hermit. I am not a hermit who goes out into the wilderness to live. That may come later. For now, I need to earn money, so I need to work, and I don’t know how to earn money if I’m out in the wilderness. I need to be among society for now. However, just because I live among society, it doesn’t mean I need to be fully connected with society. I can erect emotional barriers to protect myself from the negativity of humanity.

I am blessed in that I am happy with my job right now. Only two months ago I was miserable because I had a horrible manager. I was extremely depressed, and I even thought about just quitting. But everything is working out now. I simply spoke to my manager’s manager and told him that I wanted a change, and then all of a sudden I was put into a different team. Sometimes you just have to ask and you will receive. Even if things go bad where I am now, I can just try to move again, and even if that doesn’t work, I can just retire and live off my meager dividends.

But for now, I am happy to work, and I enjoy working. I try to stay away from the office gossip and politics. I hate that. I just do the work, and I like to be around positive and friendly colleagues. Outside of work, I am happy to just eat, sleep, read, exercise at the gym, and watch YouTube and Netflix. I don’t mind being alone. I don’t mind isolating myself. Even something as simple as watching YouTube or Netflix gives me so much joy. I have recently realized that people set standards for you. They tell you to get a girlfriend, get married, get a mortgage, get a car, get a house, and have children. Obviously you’ll be working hard like a slave, and you’ll enrich your bank, real estate agents, and even your wife. Everyone else benefits when you’re a slave. But I will just say no to all this and live my life. If I just make money and then use that money to block everyone else from my life as much as possible, then that’s it. I have total peace and quiet. As an introvert, that is appealing.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Don't Have Children

I am very much against having children. Not only are children expensive, but there are around six billion people in the world right now, and the population is predicted to be around ten billion by 2050. This population explosion is putting massive strain on the world’s resources. It’s creating immense environmental destruction. The animal exploitation industry will only grow to feed rising demand, and the animal holocaust problem will only get worse. With so many people on earth, it’s also inevitable that human suffering will rise as there are more people competing for scarce resources. If I have a baby, how will that help? It is inevitable that my hypothetical son will suffer. I am introducing him to a world filled with corruption, oppression, and slavery. It is better if he were never born in the first place.