19 December 2018

The Greatest Argument Against Having Children: Human Corruption

I am definitely more liberal than conservative. I generally find conservatives nowadays to be very hateful, e.g. Trump supporters (and other conservatives) seem to mostly be Nazis who view non-whites as inferior, and many of them are sexists as well who subcribe to men's rights activist (MRA) or manospherean beliefs believing that women should be subordinate to men. Many of these MRA manospherean conservatives (e.g. Roosh Valizadeh) actually believe that on private property women should be allowed to be raped. I have heard that in schools nowadays many young boys who are influenced by conversatives values are literally grabbing young schoolgirls by the pussy and sexually harrassing them thinking this is normal traditional masculine behaviour, which is a sad state of affairs. Men in power should set a standard of proper gentlemanly behaviour for other men to emulate. I personally think we should all be treated fairly and with dignity regardless of your skin colour or your gender. I think that the divisiveness that in politics nowadays is not going to help the world in the future, which will be plunged into war, chaos, environmental disaster, and this is the main reason why I don't want to ever have any children. If I go have a child, not only is it expensive to have children (one child costs US$1.1 million over your lifetime) but my child will grow up in a world filled with racism, sexism, religious extremism, division, hatred, and environmental degradation. With the way international politics is going, there will likely be a future nuclear war that destroys all of humanity. If my child doesn't suffer, chances are the generation after that will suffer or be eradicated, so to bring an innocent child into such a corrupt world is tantamount to child abuse, so it is better to never have children, which will save me and my future wife millions of dollars, which will allow us to live life to the fullest, to travel the entire world and see unique cultures and natural beauty while it lasts because the way the world is going now, it is clear that humanity is nearing its end. We must live our lives to the fullest while we can and bow out before humanity self-destructs and implodes due to excessive greed, ego, and aggression.

16 December 2018

Garbage in the Sea in Bali

I am currently in Candidasa in Bali where I have noticed that there is a lot of garbage not only on the streets but also in the beaches. Supposedly the garbage here is not only from Bali but also from other Indonesian islands such as Java. The current moves the rubbish to Bali. There was a program set by the Indonesian government to ban single-use plastic, but there was little willingness by people to follow it. This is why it is important for people to stop or reduce single-use plastic. Plastics in the the ocean break down and dissolve into the water forming microplastic particles that can end up in fish and humans.

21 October 2018

Grill'd Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0

I went to Grill'd today with a friend. I remember having a vegan cheeseburger at Grill'd previously, and it didn’t fill me up, so this time I had two vegan cheeseburgers. Grill'd has changed their vegan burgers (hence the 2.0).

The vegan patties they use in the 2.0 version burger is actually quite nice. I had two vegan burgers because I wanted to avoid the chips because I did’t know if they’re vegan.

When ordering the vegan cheeseburger, you will be asked what type of bun you want. Make sure you get the traditional, panini or gluten free bun because these are vegan. (The low-carb bun contains egg.) I also had a Pepsi Max, which is definitely vegan. 

Grill'd also have a vegetarian burger called Hemp Therapea. However, this contains tzatziki, which contains dairy and so is not vegan. According to the review below, removing the tzatziki makes the burger taste quite bad. Furthermore, when I order at restaurants, I don't like to change too much because it's too much hassle.

All in all, I am quite impressed with the Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0 and would definitely order more. I checked the ingredients used in the burger, and it is primarily pea protein, which is the same protein used in the Beyond Meat burger patties. As such, the Vegan Cheeseburger 2.0 is not only meat, dairy, and egg free but also soy free as well. Each vegan cheeseburger with traditional bun contains 30 grams of protein, so having two burgers gave me 60 grams of protein. The recommended minimum amount of protein to aim for each day is 50 grams.

16 October 2018

Humanity Deserves Extinction and the Connection between Antinatalism and Financial Independence

Look around at everyone around you. They are mindless drones trying to do everything they can to keep their credit score healthy so that they can one day get a mortgage and car loan so that they can drown in debt.

My advice to everyone is to forget about your credit score. It should be called "slavery score" to reflect what it actually is. It is a signal to slave owners of how good of a debt slave you are. Debt is slavery.

What do you do instead of becoming a debt slave like everyone else? Don't succumb to consumerism, never have children, invest in shares and crypto, and live off dividends.

Of course, most people agree that too much debt is horrible and having children is wonderful. But the two are related. A child is a huge liability. Debt is characterised by an obligation to pay. Children are no different.

Living off passive income is great because you get an income and don't need to work. If you have debt, it is the opposite, that is, you have to work and someone else gets income for doing nothing.

Having children and living off passive income are related. How do you get the money in the first place to buy the financial assets to give you financial independence?

The answer is that you don't have children. Children are extremely expensive. The decision to never have children will save you approximately $1.1 million across your lifetime.

Of course, isn't living a childfree life for the sake of money selfish? Yes it is, but it is also highly selfless and altruistic. Breeding is the number one contributor to climate change. More people in the world means more pollution, more carbon emissions. Furthermore, as humanity grows in size, there are more meat eaters (assuming no vegans) contributing not only to climate change but also animal abuse as the need to feed more and more humans means slaughter of animals needs to occur much faster, which leads to industrial scale mass slaughter that currently kills one billion animals per week in a process so evil that it puts the holocaust to shame. This process will need to scale up much more to meet the demands of 10 billion people on the earth by 2050, and scaling up the factory farms will lead to unimaginable animal suffering.

As the apex predator, as the most dominant and intelligent and arguably most moral species, we humans have a moral obligation to impose a moral order on all animals below us, to protect the weak and vulnerable.

Instead we have completely failed. We exploit, oppress and torture the animals and destroy the earth. We have failed the world and we deserve nothing but extinction via antinatalism.

07 July 2018

Could Laziness be Good?

There is a common belief that laziness is a mark of failure and that you must be productive and work all the time. This results in people being very busy and using busyness as a status symbol.

Personally, I don't mind being lazy. I believe in freedom. I believe in antiobligationism. I believe in minimizing obligation so that you give yourself freedom to do what you want. If that is being lazy, there is nothing wrong with that. We all need rest, and sometimes sitting down on the couch and watching some Netflix is quite relaxing and enjoyable.

In my opinion, there is a cult of busyness in America and around the world. We fill our lives with obligations e.g. mortgage, marriage, minors, and materialism just to fill the void, and these financial and non-financial obligations enslave us and deny us our freedom, which includes the freedom to be lazy.

The idea that laziness is evil can be found in how "sloth" is seen as a sin. Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Those who accept the idea that sloth is sinful have been brainwashed into a slave mentality by those above them. Think about it this way. Many people I know are eagerly living the American Dream, which involves marriage, mortgage, minors and materialism. They are up to their eyeballs in debt, they buy cars, houses, and they have children, which are expensive luxury goods. As a result, they work like slaves. Who benefits? It is the bank who collects the interest payments and fees, the businesses who sell the daipers, etc. In other words, it is the shareholders who collect their dividend payments who benefit. Many people I know who live off shares (i.e. living off slavery) pretty much never work. They might work part-time or do some casual freelance work, but otherwise they're on permanent vacation, relaxing at resorts or taking it easy. The question is who has been brainwashed here?

30 June 2018

Light Phone 2

The video below of the Light Phone 2 looks interesting. It is pretty much a phone that has a few functions: make calls, send and receive SMS, and has a contact list. There may be a few other features in there, but basically it has nothing addictive in there e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. It just has useful tools in there.

Human Extinction is the Final Atrocity

Having a child is a vote of confidence in society. If you have optimism in society and think humanity is inherently good, your child will grow up and be raised within a beautiful world.

But if we look at the state of the world today, it is hard to justify optimism in society and humanity. You only need to read the news and talk to work colleagues and family to conclude that humanity is inherently corrupt, vulgar, and utterly depraved. Society is slowly rotting under the weight of racism, sexism, corruption, slavery, torture, and greed. 

If you give birth and bring a child into this world, such an act is tantamount to child abuse. You are exposing an innocent creature to a world that is so vile and evil, and if this child has her own children, that creates more lives exposed to suffering and exploitation.
The best way to reduce suffering is to slow population growth, which means we all have a moral duty to go on a birthstrike.

Not having children not only reduces suffering but is also good for the environment. You help the forests, the mountains, the air, the ocean, the trees, the rivers, and the animals. Mother Nature is an innocent being, and she suffers at the hands of humanity, which grows like a cancer engulfing the world.

Not only is childlessness good for humanity and for the environment, but it is also good for your personal finances. This is the principle of prosperity antinatalism. By refusing to breed, not only are you engaging in a selfless act that helps the animals and the planet but you are also saving yourself hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars. The cost of having a child is immense. By having a child, you are effectively consigning yourself to a lifetime of wage slavery. However, if you are childfree, Mother Nature rewards you financially for your selfless behavior.

When humans have freedom, they use their freedom to commit gross atrocities against the environment and the animals. However, an atrocity against humanity is an attack on the freedom humans have to commit atrocities on Mother Nature.

Human extinction is the final atrocity, the atrocity that ends all atrocity.

Freedom Entails Freedom to Commit Atrocity

My brother is a right wing nutcase and I keep telling him that the environment is being destroyed by humanity, but he claims that he has freedom and can do what he wants and can eat meat and kill animals, etc. I find this frustrating because it is true that he can do what he wants and this pretty much allows people to just get away with any atrocity be it environmental degradation, animal abuse, rape and torture and anything.

However, lately I have been talking about antinatalism and how I am never ever breeding and will advocate to others never to breed, and my brother seems worried by this. Being a conservative he is concerned about the low birthrate and the death of marriage, and he is a married man with many children, and I think he is angry at me for being childfree and therefore wealthy as I have zero debt and lots of investments in shares and crypto that enables me to live off passive income and take it easy in life, not stress out at work, etc whereas he is a slave to the banks constantly working paycheck to paycheck to pay the mortgage, stay-at-home wife, and multiple children. I think he is envious of me and he is frustrated because deep down he cannot do anything because he acknowledges that I too have freedom and, as is the case with him, that freedom entails freedom to commit atrocities against Natalism.

This is one of the good points about antinatalism, that you are not dependent on the benevolence of others. You control your own life so you can go ahead and refuse to breed or get a vasectomy. You can spread the message of antinatalism to others, and when you spread the message to others many of them will follow you thereby creating an army of antinatalists who will drop the birthrate.

Antinatalism is not like e.g. environmentalism or veganism that requires other people to not pollute or eat animal products. Other humans can exercise their freedom to commit atrocities on the environment or on animals. However, an atrocity against humanity is an attack on the freedom humans have to commit atrocities on Mother Nature. As such, the atrocity against humanity is the final atrocity, the atrocity that ends all atrocity.

Another good point about antinatalism is that it is profitable. By not breeding you save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. The cost of having a child is immense. Have a child and you pretty much consign yourself to a lifetime of dull and cruel wage slavery. If you are an antinatalist, Mother Nature rewards you financially for your selfless behavior.

Humans are corrupt and will always rationalize the oppression of those below them (while complaining of the oppression they receive from those above them) so the only solution is to destroy humanity.

26 May 2018

Nature's Cuppa Rich Roast - Better than Decaf

Woolworths now sell Nature's Cuppa Rich Roast, which tastes like instant coffee but is actually made from barley, chicory root and other plant ingredients. It is significantly cheaper than the real decaf coffees. What I like about it is I can drink it at night and not worry about my sleep.

14 January 2018

Domino's Australia Offers Vegan Pizza

Normally when vegans eat pizza, they order a vegetarian pizza and then remove the cheese, but for me a pizza without cheese just doesn't feel right. Thankfully, Domino's Australia now has vegan pizza, which it released on 8 January 2018. I was alerted to this after watching the YouTube video below.

It is quite simple to order. Just install the Domino's app on your phone and then when ordering a pizza simply scroll down all the way until you find the "vegan menu." Alternatively you can simply select a vegetarian pizza and then press a button that allows you to replace the dairy cheese with vegan cheese.

According to the video above, the vegan cheese used comes from Follow Your Heart. The key ingredient in these vegan cheeses are coconut oil, which is interesting because many vegan dairy products nowadays seem to use coconut, e.g. coconut yoghurt.