07 July 2018

Could Laziness be Good?

There is a common belief that laziness is a mark of failure and that you must be productive and work all the time. This results in people being very busy and using busyness as a status symbol.

Personally, I don't mind being lazy. I believe in freedom. I believe in antiobligationism. I believe in minimizing obligation so that you give yourself freedom to do what you want. If that is being lazy, there is nothing wrong with that. We all need rest, and sometimes sitting down on the couch and watching some Netflix is quite relaxing and enjoyable.

In my opinion, there is a cult of busyness in America and around the world. We fill our lives with obligations e.g. mortgage, marriage, minors, and materialism just to fill the void, and these financial and non-financial obligations enslave us and deny us our freedom, which includes the freedom to be lazy.

The idea that laziness is evil can be found in how "sloth" is seen as a sin. Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Those who accept the idea that sloth is sinful have been brainwashed into a slave mentality by those above them. Think about it this way. Many people I know are eagerly living the American Dream, which involves marriage, mortgage, minors and materialism. They are up to their eyeballs in debt, they buy cars, houses, and they have children, which are expensive luxury goods. As a result, they work like slaves. Who benefits? It is the bank who collects the interest payments and fees, the businesses who sell the daipers, etc. In other words, it is the shareholders who collect their dividend payments who benefit. Many people I know who live off shares (i.e. living off slavery) pretty much never work. They might work part-time or do some casual freelance work, but otherwise they're on permanent vacation, relaxing at resorts or taking it easy. The question is who has been brainwashed here?