16 November 2014

Vital Protein Pea Protein Isolate Review

I purchased Vital Protein Pea Protein Isolate at Chemist Warehouse for $30, which gave me 500g of pea protein isolate. This is much more expensive than pea protein isolate sold online, for example, from Bulk Nutrients, but I was willing to give this a try.

What I notice from reading the back is that the amino acid profile is very good. Normally pea protein is mixed with rice protein to enhance amino acid profile, but the methionine and cystine levels in this protein powder seems to be high, which may be a result of the way they isolate the protein from the pea.

I put a tablespoon onto a glass of water. It is a very mixable protein powder. It didn't take too much mixing to dissolve the powder into the water. In terms of taste, it certainly tastes like pea and has a naturally sweet taste. The sweetness is not too strong, just mild.

10 November 2014

We are not perfect. We are not flawed. We are who we are.

08 November 2014

How Can Money Printing Work?

Either quantitative easing works and the US Fed's financial alchemists have invented infinite economic growth, or we are in for the Second Great Depression.

06 November 2014

Bulk Nutrients Rice Protein Isolate Unflavoured

I've been trying different protein powders from Bulk Nutrients. I have always been purchasing protein from Bulk Nutrients, and I like to try different types of protein just because I love variety. I recently purchased rice protein in unflavoured form. I've heard that rice protein tastes horrible, but I have actually just tasted the product in person and it is incredibly bad. The description everyone gives is correct. It is chalky and tastes like sand. I'm going to have to mix it in with other protein powders and some flavouring (for example, pea protein and stevia). I've purchased two kilograms of the rice protein, so it might be hard finishing it all. 

02 November 2014

Meritocracy is Oppression of the Stupid

Most of us agree that oppression is bad. We don't like to see groups of people oppressed, e.g. slavery. However, there is one type of oppression that seems to be acceptable and that is the oppression of the stupid, and it occurs due to the veneration of meritocracy. The theory is that in a meritocratic society, benefit go to the best. For example, the thinking is that if you are smart, you will get good grades, get a high-paying job, and your lifetime earning will be high.

In a meritocratic society, it is the stupid who suffer, and many people have no issues with blaming stupid people for their stupidity. In fact, if you hate someone, it is common to try to hurt them by insulting their intelligence.

The problem is that there are many people in this world who are just born stupid. They are simply just dull people and they cannot help it, and it is painful for me to see them failing at life due to something they have no control over.

Many stupid and naive people who are young and physically attractive are likely to be looked after by others who are more intelligent, e.g. most children or attractive young adults with intelligent partners or spouses. In these situations, stupidity, naivity, or vulnerability can be seen as an attractive personality trait that complements physical attractiveness.

However, physical attractiveness is also something you are likely born with, and for those stupid or naive people who do not have sufficient erotic capital to compensate for their stupidity, it is as if they are left to suffer in a world that shows them extreme prejudice.

01 November 2014

Sugarless Organic Stevia from Chemist Warehouse - Review

As part of working out, I've been drinking pea and rice protein shakes for a few months now. I've learned that for those who have trouble gaining weight, you can mix in carbs to your protein shake to create a "mass gainer." I've been mixing in either powdered oats or waxy maize starch to my protein shake. As a result, the taste has gone south. My pea and rice protein (Earth Protein) was vanilla flavoured and tasted quite nice. However, once I added carbs in, the blend tasted horrible, especially with powdered oats, which not only made the blend taste bland but often clumped together and made the mixture thick.

Today I purchased Sugerless Organic Stevia from Chemist Warehouse for $8 (250g). It seemed pretty cheap. The product came with a spoon that measured half a teaspoon. I put two teaspoons into my carb and protein shake and tasted the mixture. It was surprisingly good. The product seemed to do the job.

The major surprise I got from this product came from looking at the nutritional information. According to the table, this product, which is labelled "organic stevia," contains 0.5% stevia (steviol glycoside). The product is 99% organic erythritol, which is a different type of sweetener.

I wonder then why this product would not be labelled "Erythritol + Stevia" or something less misleading because erythritol is a completely different product. Furthermore, it seems like you can purchase erythritol online for much less than $8 per 250g.