Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Copy China: How to Beat African Poverty

What is needed to really spread prosperity is to give these poor people jobs. This was how China stood up from poverty to prosperity: hundreds of millions migrated from the country to the city to work in low-paid job and bit-by-bit they became rich.

I would really like to see the same thing happening in Africa, but unfortunately Africa is a dry, harsh place filled with conflict and corrupt governments. Most people have given up on Africa but I think if we copy China we can rescue Africans from poverty.

Simply, we set up in developed countries like Australia, America, Canada, or England zones in secluded area where Africans can live. For example, in Australia, a wide area of outback desert can be deemed a Special Economic Zone. The government can then subsidize mass migration of Africans from Africa to Australia (or any other developed country) and put them in this Special Economic Zone. In this economic zone, companies like Nike, Reebok, and other manufacturers can employ African labor for very low costs, competing with the Chinese. Slowly, African wealth will increase. As the Australian government taxes companies 30% of profits, the government wins as well. Companies win because they have access to an even greater pool of cheap labor. Everyone wins.

Because the Africans are working in countries like Australia and America, corruption will hopefully lessen and businesses will have confidence hiring labor. Labor moving from Africa to developed countries mirrors the migration of peasants from rural China to the cities.

I understand that politically speaking many racists may not want mass migration of Africans and that unions may not want the increased competition to decrease the wages of their workers. Nevertheless, the massive tax revenue that can be collected from this activity can be used to effectively buy the votes of these groups of people, and I am hopeful that voters will think that the benefits of finally freeing the world from poverty is more important than the cost of losing a few manufacturing jobs here and there. Manufacturing jobs are already dead in rich countries anyway. If the Asians are already taking American jobs, why not bring the Africans in?

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