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Kuta Beach

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Sex and Sloth: The Two Greatest Threats to Survival

Earlier I wrote about my new Casio watch that I purchased from Ebay for around $30. Someone commented on that post and said something like, "Good luck pulling chicks with that watch." I deleted the comment because it wasn't productive, but for a while I thought about what he said and I am going to talk about it now.

I believe that all humans are born with debt. Every human needs food and water to live. We need a certain amount of kilojoules of energy, a certain amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, etc. When we are hungry, it is as if your body is sending you a bill that you must pay off with food. I call this food debt.

I believe that debt is bad since it restricts freedom and happiness. Therefore, it is essential that I pay off this debt. One way I can pay off this debt is to buy income-producing assets like shares, property, and bonds. The more income-producing assets I buy, the greater my passive income is. As my passive income increases, it may one day increase to a level where I can completely cover my food debt.

In order to buy income-producing assets, I must save cash. I must not buy luxury goods like expensive watches or expensive cars. If I do buy these goods, I therefore save less, buy fewer income-producing assets, produce lower passive income, and thus increase my probability of death.

I understand that some or many females may be attracted by a man's signals of high reproductive fitness, such as an expensive car or an expensive house. I also understand that it is within the nature of humans to mate and propagate their genes. However, for the sake of survival it is necessary that I suppress this instinct. If I give in to the sex instinct, it means I put more resources into attracting a mate. If I do this, it steals resources from other endeavors in life, such as paying off food debt, which is essential to increase the probability of survival. Thus I have proven logically that sex kills.

Another threat to survival is sloth or laziness. Humans have a tendency to do what is pleasurable in the short-term to the detriment of the long term. For example, you may binge on sugar or alcohol, unaware that too much sugar can make you fat or alcohol, even in moderation, increases the risk of mouth cancer by 75 per cent.

Sex and sloth then are the two biggest threats to survival that I have identified, and I make a conscious effort to suppress these instincts for the sake of my own survival.


cbear2 said...

Nice analysis. Are you still shoveling your hard-earned $$$ into Dollar Cost Averaging into some crappy investment fund? Dollar Cost Averaging is great in a bull market, but in a bear market it's gonna kill your investment just the same. Mark the end of January 2009 in your calendar, you'll see the All Ords below 3000. At the end of the financial year, it will be below 2000. How would that make your investment look? You may want to revise your target of becoming a millionaire by 35. At least not in AU$, maybe in Rupiah.

Norak said...

Yes I still am dollar cost averaging. I am not entirely sure that the economy will recover. At 31 Dec 2008 I received fairly good distributions but news today is that dividends are being cut. What kind of investments do you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Cold hard CASH in all 4 big banks.