Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews

I have just seen one of the most bizarre documentaries ever. It is called The Lizards and the Jews. It is about a man named David Icke who believes that the world is being control by a group of elite reptiles who drink human children's blood. People like George Bush, the Queen, and Al Gore are all reptiles who have the ability to morph or shapeshift into humans.

Many people accuse him of being a racist. They claim that when David Icke talks about reptiles, he is actually talking about Jews. Whether this is true or not is a mystery. Icke claims it's not true, and given that he goes into detail about how similar humans and reptiles are, it leads me to believe that Icke is talking about actual lizards.

It's fine if Icke claims that people are lizards, but where is the evidence for this? Has he collected blood samples from elite bankers and measured genetic relatedness between their DNA and lizard DNA?

In an attempt to humiliate David Icke, a group of young people decide to try throw pie at Icke's face. I personally think this is very immature. If they want to attack him, they should attack his arguments. They should ask him whether he has any evidence for his claims, e.g. whether he has analyzed DNA.

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