Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Help Pay My Mortgage

Link: Mortgage Help! (Video)

On A Current Affairs there is a family begging on the Internet, asking each person out there to donate $1 each. If 300,000 people do it, they will have enough money to pay off their mortgage. They advertised on Brisbane Craigslist (the ad there is now taken down) as well as producing a begging blog with ads. The Craigslist ad claims that if you donate $1 to them they will randomly select a person and give that person permission to do something similar. Isn't that a pyramid scheme?

The family claims that A Current Affairs portrayed them as arrogant when really they are nice people. They are at risk of losing their homes because of high interest rates and high petrol costs. It does not look as if this family is at risk of starvation like the recent victims of the Burmese cyclone are.

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