Monday, 2 June 2008

Ethical Purchasing: Buying Unilever Products

I was at the supermarket today purchasing tea. I drink a lot of tea. I am not a coffee man. One of the issues that annoy me is whether tea is good for you or not. Some people say tea is good for you while others claim that the caffeine is bad for you.

Nevertheless, I was at the supermarket deciding which tea I wanted to get. I don't particularly have any brand loyalty. As far as I see it, tea is like petrol. It is more or less the same no matter which brand you buy. I normally purchased black tea from Tetley but I decided instead to buy tea from Lipton. The reason why is because Lipton is owned by Unilever, and I know from playing Free Rice that Unilever helps feed hungry people by aiding the UN World Food Programme.

I decided then to exercise my ethical purchasing power by buying tea from Lipton. I believe that if enough consumers make purchasing decisions based on how ethical the company seems it can give companies a very strong incentive to do good.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you should try DILMAH's green tea (yellow box) or the Jasmine green tea (green box). Taste so much better than Lipton's. Or if you are really NORAK, some of the Indonesian teas are great as well (except TEH BOTOL).

Norak said...

Maybe next time I'll give those brands a try.