Monday, 2 June 2008

Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

I've watched the movie Behind Enemy Lines. This movie stars Owen Wilson who normally plays in comedy movies. This is very much a serious movie. Owen plays a US fighter pilot who is bored with his job. He believes that nothing much ever happens during war. He wishes he could be involved in more action, saying that most soldiers join the army or air force so they could "punch a Nazi in the face." Owen's character gets what he wishes for when he breaks regulations and flies into a no-fly zone.

Behind Enemy Lines is a very enjoyable movie. The action scenes and special effects are quite impressive. This movie is filled with gunfire. Viewers are treated to stunts involving explosions as well as nice slow-motion effects at one point.

If I had to give a criticism of the movie it would be the fact that this film would never convince anyone that it's a true story. It's hard to believe Owen could dodge so many bullets at the end. I didn't really think I understood what it really is like to be a fighter pilot. The montages and loud music seems to give a false impression of the reality of warfare.

Behind Enemy Lines is about the Bosnian War. Before watching the movie I admit I was very ignorant about this war. After watching the movie I researched it on the Internet. I think this movie is good if it encourages other people to learn about the Bosnian War, which unfortunately involves genocide, including mass rapes of Bosniak women and girls by Serbian soldiers. Serbian soldiers even killed fellow Serbians who refused to participate in the slaughter of Bosniaks, which is similar to how Nazi soldiers treated those Germans who refused to kill Jews or tried to hide them.

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