Friday, 29 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding

I am currently watching the royal wedding right now between William and Kate. It's fascinating to watch traditional ceremonies and rituals mainly because it is different. It is also fascinating to witness the practices of other cultures, which is one of the main reasons why I like to travel.

Even though I watched the wedding, many of my friends criticised me for watching, saying that monarchism is authoritarianism. My friends point to the cost of the wedding. Studies done by economists found that because the wedding is declared a public holiday, the impact of Britain taking the whole day off rather than working will cost the British economy about $50 billion and that this loss dwarfs the expected gains from increased tourism and merchandise sales, both of which are expected to result in a $2 billion gain.

I find that many of my female friends are interested in the wedding, many admitting that they wished that they were married to Prince William or at least married to royalty so that they can be princesses. It seems as if all females have a desire to marry high-status men. My observation is that it tends to be females who want to marry princes and not the other way around. Men tend to be happy if they can find a kind and pretty girl, regardless of her social status.

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