Friday, 22 April 2011

Charity Junk Mail

I once gave a donations to Care International and Amnesty International over the internet, which involved giving credit card details as well as my address. These organisations then harrassed me, wanting to get more money from me. Care did so by sending me mail and Amnesty International actual got their telemarketers to ring me. I find it very rude that they do this. It would be much better if they just let people give when they feel like it. I am always very careful to read the privacy policy now and I have made decisions not to give money because of their policy. Why can't these charities just let people give money anonymously or if they collect your details (e.g. if they want to give you a tax receipt) then at least have a policy whereby you can actually opt out of junk mail?

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Anonymous said...

I stopped giving to care after the first time I made the mistake of doing so. Why? Well, in short, an attitude of inefficiency, disrespect for the environment, disrespect for donors privacy, lying, and possibly incompetence do not suggest a good cause to support. The incredible amount (sometimes twice per week) of unwanted paper in my mailbox, which I was unable to stop by calling, writing, and emailing repeatedly for 2 full years convinced me that that the promises to stop were simply lies, and that their MO is to send as much mail as possible, especially after you stop donating. Do the world a favor and pick a better organization for your donations.