Saturday, 30 April 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Episode 11

This blog post contains spoilers.

In this episode of Survivor, the former Ometepe tribe members (also known as the Mariano Crime Syndicate) continued to vote off former Zapatera tribe members. In this episode there was a double elimination at tribal council, and the Ometepes finished off the Zapatera tribe by voting off Steve and Ralph. I personally feel like this is justice as the Zapateras threw a challenge early on in the game in order to vote off Russell. Immediately after the merge, what is important in the game of Survivor is numbers, which makes throwing challenges a very dangerous move. That the Zapateras are punished for this very swiftly is very satisfying.

There are now six players left in the game: the three men (Rob, Grant, and Philip) and the three women (Andrea, Natalie, and Ashley). Rob is a former Survivor player who just about everyone looks up to. It would make sense for others to vote him out because he is such a threat. However, Rob has never won the million-dollar grand prize and in my opinion, if he gets to the top two or top three, like Russell, he will find it difficult to convince members of the jury to vote for him. The last time Rob made it to the final two the jury voted against him and instead decided to give the million dollars to his future wife Amber (this happen in Survivor All Stars). In my opinion, the jury voted against Rob because he so clearly backstabbed members of the jury. In Survivor Redemption Island, it is not clear whether the jury will blame him. Many may actually vote for him because they think he played well and deserves the money.

Rob has stated many times that he wants to take crazy Philip to the end because he believes there is no chance that Philip will receive any votes from the jury. Because Rob wants to protect Philip and because he is close to Grant, I believe that there is a good chance that the key alliance in the Ometepe tribe is among the three men. The person at the bottom is clearly Andrea. Once they vote off Andrea I believe then that the men will vote off the women simply because they are women. If you keep a woman till the end then there is a good chance that the jury members will vote for her simply because she is a woman. The men will want to vote off the women to get rid of this threat. From then who is voted off among the men will depend on the immunity challenge. I predict that either Rob or Grant will win the million dollars.

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