Sunday, 11 April 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 8 - Expectations

This blog post contians Survivor spoilers.

When Russell appeared, I expect him to go early when he faced off with Boston Rob, mainly because the numbers were on Rob's side. It's amazing how Russell used to be outnumbered and now he is the one in control. It was interesting to see him in Survivor Samoa when he lead a small after the merge to take on a larger group and come out on top. I never expected to see Boston Rob go, but he is now gone. After Russell gave up his immunity idol, Jerri seemed to want to align herself with Russell, and Coach seems to be sway with what Jerri wants, so once Coach and Jerri were voting with Russell, Rob was gone. In a way I am happy because I am not a fan of Rob. I really disliked his attitude in Survivor All Stars. His decision to marry in a game I thought was pure cheating. In Survivor you cannot split the winnings, but marriage effectively achieves this so the whole All Stars season was dodgy. Of all the Survivor seasons, I think All Stars would be the worst mainly because of Boston Rob and Amber.

Russell has taken out his biggest rival and now his team of villains seems to be weak. They lose both the reward challenge and the immunity challenge. They seem to be in complete disarray now. The Heroes have been on a losing spree and in the process have culled off many weak players, namely Cerie, Sugar, and James. Tom and Stephanie I believe are strong players but they left because of the communism effect, that is, weak players using their numbers to vote off strong players. I think the communism effect is inevitable in a game like Survivor, but the Heroes did manage to get rid of a lot of weak players, so now they are left with a strong tribe. The Villains on the other hand, have gotten rid of Randy and Sugar, who weak players, but then got rid of Tyson and Boston Rob, who are two strong players. The voting off of strong players in the Villains tribe seems to be the doing of Evil Russell. The Villains still have Sandra and Courtney, who are very weak players. That they were in the immunity challenge made the tribe lose. Russell I believe is a very communistic player in that he gets rid of big threats, i.e. strong players. He gets rid of rivals and then takes control in a dictatorial fashion. His behavior is similar to that of a communist dictator. The problem with communism is that the cruel exploitation of the people usually leads to popular uprising, which often leads to the fall of the communist government. This was Russells undoing in Survivor Samoa. He rose to power and then dominated until the final two. But at the end, the jury revolted and voted against him. If Russell wants to win a season he needs to model his behavior not on communist dictators because history shows that communism is rarely successful.

At tribal council, Coach was voted out. Russell was gunning for him because Sandra managed to get him scared that Coach was after him. Strangely, Russell ended up voting for Courtney, but Danielle, who originally wanted to vote off Courtney, ended up voting for Coach. I had a feeling Coach was going because the show seemed to be suggesting too much that Courtney was leaving. Usually when the show suggests that one person is going to leave, that person is not going to leave.

Coach's departure is a sad one for me because he is definitely an interesting character. His behavior is very unique and he tries to be heroic.

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