Friday, 2 April 2010

Fish Oil and Soluble Fiber

I had a free health checkup at work a few days ago (see WorkHealth for more information about this government initiative). My results are as follows:
  • Waist measurement: 83 cm (Normal)
  • Blood pressure: 136/82 mm/Hg (Medium)
  • Total cholesterol: 5.37 mmol/L (Normal)
  • HDL cholesterol: 1.16 mmol/L (Normal)
  • Blood glucose: 5.9 mmol/L (Normal)
The main areas I need to look at are my high blood pressure and the high amount of bad fats in my blood. Even though I am normal, I am at the high end of normal for my blood pressure and cholesterol. My weight is fine. I have a good blood glucose level, which is pretty easy if you just avoid refined sugar.

I have been doing some research on the internet and have found out where I am making mistakes. Firstly, I take fiber supplements but it is fiber supplements that are wheat-derived and is insoluble fiber. I should be having more soluble fiber, e.g. fiber from psyllium husks, which can be found in Metamucil (I currently take Benefiber). I will need to diversify the fiber supplements I have.

Secondly, I have been ignoring my vitamin supplements, which means I am not getting much fish oil. Apparently you need about 1000 to 2000 mg per day, which I am not getting.

I plan to go to the chemist and buy lots of fish oil as well as different types of fiber supplements.

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