Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Bear Grylls Misleading?

Bear Grylls's Man vs Wild is very entertaining. I often talk about it at work but whenever I talk about it there is almost always someone who says something like, "He's there with camera crew! It's not real!" I hate it when people think that just because they are cynical that they are smart. It annoys me. Bear's shows are not supposed to be survival simulations. The show is educational and is meant to educate viewers on survival. Obviously camera crew need to be there if the message is to be transmitted to viewers.

I am interested in the topic of wilderness or outback survival not because I think the end of civilization is near but because living in non-urban areas may be very cheap. Suppose I lose my job and my parents kick me out of the home and I am on the streets. How can I make the emergency money in my bank account last me for the rest of my life? One idea I think about is going to a real estate agent and buying a small plot of land in the country. Preferably I will get a camping permit or a building permit from the council that will allow me to camp there permanently or or at least allow me to build my own cabin there using trees cut from the area. The skills of survival, e.g. knowing how to start a fire using flint and steel, may seem useless if you have matches, but in a situation where you are trying to save money, flint and steel may be cheaper in the long run than matches.

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