Monday, 26 April 2010

French Cuffs

What are French cuffs? Here is what WiseGeek has to say:
French cuffs refer to cuffs on traditionally a man’s dress shirt that are longer and folded back over the wrist. Instead of being secured by buttons, the cuff is secured by cuff links and lends a dressy look. French cuffs were first developed in the 19th century, and were connected with wealthier folk. Up to that time, most commercially made shirts were sewn in one size only and usually featured a row of buttons, so people could attach the cuff at the appropriate length, and fold back any extra length. The desire to have fancier cufflinks attaching the shirt, and a more fitted shirt led to the French cuffs style, probably first worn only by those who could afford cufflinks.
I purchased two Van Heusen business shirts from Myer, each one for about $50. The problem is that I purchased them and was completely ignorant that I was buying French cuff shirts. This means that I will need to buy cufflinks, which I think is bad because it means I will have to pay even more money and it will make me look, in my opinion, excessively formal, which is something I try to avoid at work.

When I am at work I do not wear a tie or a jacket. I don't wear a tie not only because I am lazy but also because it is uncomfortable on my neck. I sometimes wear a jacket but I tend not to, mainly because it's wearing a jacket makes me feel heavy and less mobile. I wear my jacket only on cold days. Wearing cufflinks without a tie or a jacket I think may go against some law of fashion because you are mixing elements of casualness with elements of formality.

I may have to not wear my French cuff shirts and leave them for some special occasion like a wedding. This is yet another purchasing mistake I have made. I really should be careful about bulk buying lots of the same item (like buying two of the same shirts) because then if I make a mistake I will lose more money. I should also research more before I buy something. If in doubt, don't buy. Transport costs or general search costs are negligible, so take your time and research!

Update: I am thinking of buying some silk knots and wearing these French cuff shirts. The shirts that I currently have are so old. I have seen some people wear cufflinks and they look good.

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