Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Survivor Pearl Islands

This post contains Survivor spoilers.

Survivor Pearl Islands was played during 2003. Right now it is 2010. Back in 2003, I was in university, so I didn't have time to watch TV because I was busy studying. Now that I work and have free time outside of work, I can indulge in leisure activities, my favorite of which is watching Survivor. I am currently watching the old seasons of Survivor, and I am up to Survivor Pearl Islands.

Iin this season of Survivor there were three cute girls: Michelle Tesauro, Christa Hastie, and Darrah Johnson. It was disappointing that neither of these three girls won. Whenever a pretty girl gets voted out in Survivor, I fell an immense pain in me. Michelle was a very sweet and cute girl but was voted out before the merge. Christa has a deep voice, which I think is sexy, and I really like her hair. Christa made it far in the game but was probably the victim of the infamous Jonny Fairplay. Darrah was thin and beautiful, and I loved her pigtails. I also loved her Southern accent. I could barely understand what she was saying though. Darrah was the victim of Lillian Morris, who arranged to have her voted out. Many players thought that Lillian would be a threat because the jury would vote for her at the end, but this turned out to be wrong. The final two were Sandra and Lil, and the jury voted overwhelmingly for Sandra. Lil was one of the most annoying players I have ever seen. I really hate it how she showed up to the game wearing a full-on scout uniform and then proceeds to go on and on about how she is a girl scout. It annoys me when people make a big show over some stereotype because it shows that they have no individuality that they have to conform to some stereotype in order to make an impression on others. It signals insecurity. It reminds me of another Survivor contestant I didn't like, namely Billy Garcia from Survivor Cook Island. Billy came to the game wearing a full-on heavy metal outfit. He didn't fit in--didn't even make an effort to fit in--and then went on and on about how he is interested in heavy metal music and therefore he cannot fit in with other people in his tribe because no one else shared his interests.

In the final immunity challenge, Lil won and surprisingly decided to vote out Jonny Fairplay, which was a really bad move that may have sealed her loss. She may have wanted the money to go to someone she thought deserved the money more. Sandra is a mother with children whereas Jonny Fairplay--although he has a child now--is manipulative and sexist.

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