Saturday, 13 March 2010

Heroes vs Villains Ep 5

This blog post contains Survivor spoilers.

In this episode of Survivor, while the rest of the Villains tribe is doing tai chi, Russel finds the hidden immunity idol and uses it to set up an alliance with Parvati and Coach. Russel's intention is to take out Rob. Unfortunately, the Heroes lose both the reward challenge and the immunity challenge. In the reward challenge, James busted his leg up to the point where he was barely able to walk. The balance of power lied with JT who could take out either Tom, a strong and uninjured player, or James, an immobilized player. JT chose to get rid of Tom, which I think is a bad move. The Heroes are down in numbers, they cannot sit out players, and therefore James has to play in challanges. If these challenges involve anything remotely physical (e.g. swimming or jogging) then the Heroes tribe will lose. The only way the Heroes can win now is if there is a purely mental challenge, and it's clear from history that the Heroes are not good at puzzle challenges, so from here on I predict annihilation for the Heroes tribe. There is a possibility that James's leg might heal over time.

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