Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Tom Cruise Release His Own Website

Whenever I do a search for Tom Cruise on the search engine I only ever read sites that criticize the star.

I read on the news today that Tom now has his own site. The Official Tom Cruise Website contains lots of moving images. Unfortunately, the sound on my computer is not working at the moment, so all the videos that played downloaded for nothing. Another issue I have with the website is that it seems to freeze up often. I have to wait usually for a minute or two before the site unfreezes. I suspect it does this because of all the videos it is loading up.

The website also contains far too many close-up poses of the star, especially ones taken when he has too much facial hair. This is especially evident in the gallery section where I was hoping to see pictures of his wife Katie Holmes and child Suri.

Tom Cruise has received plenty of criticism for trying to spread Scientology, his religion, to others.

I have read about Scientology and in spite of what Scientology the organization is alleged to have done, Scientology the religion itself seems very helpful. For example, Scientology's Study Technology, a way of learning, seems to have the potential to help many students struggling at school.

The next big movie Tom is making, one I am looking forward to seeing, is Valkyrie, a World War II movie.

Am I a Tom Cruise fan? I don't consider myself a celebrity worshipper. However, Tom cruise is an interesting character because as a child he was labeled dyslectic and was told he could not learn or even memorize, which is an essential skills for actors. With everyone holding him back he still managed to become one of the highest paid actors today.

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