Sunday, 4 May 2008

Jeepers Creepers II (2003)

I watched Jeepers Creepers II on TV last night. The film is about a group of students on a bus heading home from a sports game. While heading home, the tire on their bus blows up. They realize the tire didn't blow up for no reason, that someone sabotaged the bus. The monster in this movie then attacks them.

I've watched the first Jeepers Creepers. I think the sequel is better than the original. Some moments in the sequel are rather scary. The monster, a cross between Freddy Kreuger and Alien, is innovative.

Some of the characters are very annoying. Most of the students are homophobic. The girl who keeps telling everyone that the monster will eventually kill them all is annoying. The bus driver is also annoying. The reason why these two characters are annoying is because I just can't imagine anyone acting the way they acted.

One of the good points of this movie is that you don't know who the lead character is and it's difficult to predict who will die next.

To conclude, Jeepers Creepers II is a fairly good movie. It's a reasonable and clean horror movie for the whole family.

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