Friday, 16 May 2008

Earning Money Through Online Surveys

There are many online survey scams out there on the Internet, so be very wary!

There is one company I have noticed that seems legitimate, and it is Pure Profile. Basically you sign up for this company and you don't have to provide any banking details. Then companies send you surveys every now and then and then when your balance is over $25 you can have the money put into your bank account.

I have just redeemed my $25 and I am waiting for the money to be put into my bank account right now.

I am told that I have to wait at least 2 weeks. I haven't received the money yet. The bank account I provided is almost empty so if this turns out to be a scam then I won't waste much.

I love doing online surveys. This is because I suspect I have a need to tell other people about myself, hence the existence of this blog.

One thing about doing online surveys I believe is that you shouldn't lie. If companies find out that you're a liar then maybe they might stop givng you surveys to do. Some people might lie if they think that by doing so they are more likely to get more surveys. For example, marketers might be more interested in high-income people rather than low-income people.

I've searched the web and found a site called Survey Police that claims to rank online survey firms so that you can figure out which ones are scams or not. Hopefully Survey Police is not a scam itself! The Survey Police Rankings give you the best survey sites.

Don't quit your day job because doing online surveys I doubt will make you much money. It took me about 10 months to make that $25. However, doing online surveys is not much of an inconvenience. For low income people it may be worth the time.

Update 28/5: I have just checked my bank account and indeed the money has come in! It seems as if Pure Profile is not a scam.

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