Sunday, 8 July 2007

Preventing Carjacking with Speed-Dependent Central Locking

Most modern cars automatically unlock the doors after you have crashed. I don't know whether my car does this. The car unlocks its door after a crash so that anyone can rescue you easily. But why not just drive the car with its door unlocked in the first place? If you do this, you will be more vulnerable to carjacking.

A solution to this problem then is a car that automatically unlocks the locks the doors when the car is going faster than the speed at which it is impossible for a stationary carjacker to carjack the car, maybe 30km/h. If you are going over 30km/h, chances are any crash you get into will be serious enough that you will want someone else to rescue you if you crash because you will likely be injured. When the car is going under 30km/h then automatically the doors lock to provide protection from stationary carjackers.

I talk about stationary carjackers because, when you think about it, carjacking can occur at high speeds e.g. if someone in another car jumps on your car. This, however, is something I suspect you'll only see in Hollywood movies. Most real-life carjackers just walk around in a traffic jam and steal cars, so they are more or less stationary.

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