Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Famous Atheists Throughout History

This is a video about famous atheists throughout history. I said this in the comments, but I just want to say that this video panders to authority by citing the many achievements of atheist scientists, but there are many theist scientists as well.


Corey said...

In your video you use the bible to compare goodness, but I believe you took it out of context. How can you take the biblical idea of goodness without taking into account that the God in the bible requires his own perfection? Instead, you compared the idea of man's goodness with the bible's idea of goodness. It's like apples and oranges. Of course it's going to say no one does good because according to it's standards, #1 you are to love God with all your heart.

Richard said...

There is a vast difference between intelligence and wisdom. The most uneducated and academically able person can be wise, yet also true is that the most educated and academically gifted can be unwise. The Bible uses FOOL in the context of wisdom. Atheists are not fools because they lack intelligence, they are so because they are unwise in the matter of choosing what is best for them eternally, i.e. they reject even the possibility that their universe belongs to God. By such a rejection they hurt not only themselves but all others that would fall under their foolish influence.