Sunday, 1 May 2011

Aid Workers Jailed for Fraud on USAID and World Vision

Two aid workers were jailed for 12 years for defrauding USAID, an American aid agency. USAID contract World Vision to use $1.9 million to help poor Liberians. Under the initiative, the two aid workers were required to monitor World Vision workers as they distributed aid. But the two aid workers instead sold the food and pocketed the profits. The fraud was revealed by an internal audit by World Vision.

That the fraud was caught by World Vision's internal audit should give World Vision donors most confidence that the money they provide to the non-profit organisation is being used legitimately. If a humanitarian agency has no bad news, it is likely that the organisation has no internal or external audit function. World Vision has not only an internal audit function but is also externally audited by PwC.

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