Saturday, 28 May 2011

127 Hours

I started watching the DVD of 127 Hours a few days ago but stopped watching after twenty minutes in because my family had returned home and the house was too noisy for me to watch a movie. My initial thoughts were that this film did not seem that appealing.

I have watched the next 25 minutes of the movie but have switched off because the movie seems to be getting into a very gruesome part.
This movie 127 Hours is the true story about a man who goes hiking in the canyons, falls, and then unluckily a large boulder crashes on his arm, trapping him. In order to save himself, he amputates his own arm and escapes.

I watched the movie up to the part when he looked like he was going to attempt to cut off his own arm, and when that looked like it was going to being, I switched off and decided not to watch. It just makes no sense for me to watch a movie that is essentially a torture movie.

Many critics love this movie, saying it is very realistic and painful to watch, but these reasons why the critics love the movie are the reasons why I hate to watch it.

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