Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Losing Motivation to Exercise

The chart above shows how much aerobic exercise (on my exercise bike) I have actually done (in blue) and how much aerobic exercise I think I should be doing (in pink). I assume that I should be getting 30 minutes of exercise per day.

The chart shows that lately I have been doing very poorly and I no longer have an aerobic exercise surplus. Rather, I am in deficit, and I will need to do a lot of exercise to get back into the black.

The chart shows that in the early days when I started recording exercise data I did much more exercise than I should be doing. These were the exercise boom times. In fact, I used to weigh about 82 kilograms and now I have gone down to 72 kilograms. I am 1.82 meters tall, so that is a BMI fall from 24.8 to 21.8. I do not exercise to lose weight. In fact, I think that now I am a little bit on the skinny side, so weight loss is not something I consider.

The chart shows that this boom gave way to a recession at the start of 2009. I started working full time at February 2009 and my exercise picked up again but now you will notice that the lines aren't smooth anymore. The lines seem to resemble stairs. This occurs because, during full-time work, I only had time to exercise on the weekend, so instead of doing 30 minutes of exercise per day I would do about four hours on the weekend. Lately, however, my exercise has completely fallen flat. This latest exercise recession is nothing like the one I experienced at the beginning of 2009. This recession is seeing no growth in exercise duration whereas the recession at the beginning of 2009 saw exercise duration increasing very slowly.

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