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Kuta Beach

Monday, 13 April 2009

Capitalism Magazine Praises James Bond

Capitalism Magazine's article Why Do We Love James Bond? praises the character James Bond in the movie Casino Royale.

In case you're wondering why a capitalist is praising a public servant, here is one reason the author, David Gulbraa, gives: "Bond is a good guy, fighting on the side of freedom and Western values."

Capitalism Magazine supports a political ideology similar to libertarianism, which states that government interference in citizens' lives should be minimal. Government should protect the lives and property of individuals and should not be e.g. protecting them from themselves, going to war with other countries, etc. James Bond, as a character, has a license to kill, so already this is a violation of libertarian ideology. A license for one person to kill or murder also seems to go against freedom. So much for the idea that Bond fights on the side of freedom.

For anything, James Bond is the personification of socialism. He is the ultimate example of effective government interference.

If you read David's article, you'll notice that he doesn't really address this issue. Rather, he seems to be more preoccupied by the idea that the Bond character looks good, does great stunts, drives great cars, etc.

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