Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Assimilating to Australia's Fat Culture

I have been reading an article that claims that weightism is more widespread than racism. According to the article, surveys show that most people believe it's wrong to discriminate according to gender or skin color but it's okay to discriminate based on weight.

Australia is the most overweight nation on earth with 60 per cent of the adult population overweight. This means overweight people here are in the majority and that normal weight and underweight people are a minority. Wouldn't this translate into more political power for overweight people and as a result discrimination against thin people?

Because the majority of Australians are overweight, this means that being overweight is part of Australian culture. When the Howard Government was in power here in Australia they introduced a citizenship test for people who want to become Australian citizens. Ever since then I have heard people say that migrants who come here to Australia must fit in and conform to the local culture. However, since most Australians are overweight, then a migrant who is optimal weight or underweight (BMI <25) is not fitting in since he or she has a feature (low weight) that makes him or her a minority. Under the doctrine of assimilation it is therefore essential that any healthy, optimal-weight migrant who comes to Australia must start eating more and more foods with lots of refined sugar and saturated fats. The migrant must also reduce the amount of exercise he or she is doing.

After logically applying the doctrine of assimilation to these new health facts on obesity in Australia, we also reach the conclusion that anyone in Australia who is currently not overweight is un-Australian.

Given that this result is absurd, doesn't this prove that the idea of assimilation is also absurd?

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