Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What is the Easiest Job?

Even though I plan to be a millionaire, I must admit to everyone that I am quite lazy. I think many people unfairly criticize laziness and turn it into a moral issue. Christian theology has labeled sloth a sin, so that may be the basis of this stigma of laziness. In fact, I believe that a person who works hard, that is, he sacrifices himself and undergoes excessive and needless pain and suffering, is really just crazy. Why suffer from more pain than is necessary? Some people say, "No pain, no gain." Many people say thing, but why is this true? Why must something be painful for it to be profitable? Can't there be painless profit?

Since I am lazy and since I want to avoid pain, I would like to know what sort of career is best for lazy people. I would imagine that a job as a security guard might be luxurious. You get paid to stand around. Things might get stressful when you find yourself in an altercation with a trespasser. What about a job as a teacher? I'm sure easiness of a job is subjective. For me personally, if I were a teacher I would rather teach younger well behaved children rather than older, louder, and rebellious teenagers.

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