Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Children Locked in Underground Dungeon in Austria

Link: "House of Horror" Children Never Saw Sunlight

I've heard about the news from Austria of a man named Josef Fritzl who sexually abused his daughter when she was 11. When she was 18, the girl was lured by her father into the basement. The father locked her up and kept her hidden in the basement for 24 years. During this time he continually raped her. The girl eventually bore seven children.

While all this was happening the wife and neighbors had no idea what was happening. The dungeon was soundproof and had an electronic keyless entry system.

What scares me is if this man can get away with this then anyone now can replicate what he has done. In fact, many people may have done so, and even today many children may be locked away in secret dungeons.

While I was walking around today I kept thinking that there may be a bunch of locked up children right underneath me and I wouldn't know.

This I think is the product of privacy. When men and women are free to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes, then the will practically have the freedom to produce their own children and molest them.

In this case, when the girl went missing the rapist father told everyone that she had run away. He then forced the girl to write letters begging everyone not to look for her.

When a child is missing, police should take into consideration the possibility that something like this might have happened and perform checks of the house. Sonar can be used to find cavities where dungeons may be.

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