Sunday, 19 August 2007

Wagner Boycotts Google

Thomas Wagner sent an email to Google asking them to take down Lindsay Ashford's pro-pedophilia website. As of 19/8/2007, the site in question, is "on sabbatical." (Update 15/6/08: is no more.)

The reply Wagner received from Google was not to his liking, so he now urges everyone to boycott Google and instead use PeaKaBoo.Net, a family-friend search engine that bans all adult sites, hate sites, etc.

The only problem with this family-friendly search engine is that it practically contains nothing. For example, suppose I wanted to research about Mormonism. A google search of "Mormonism" gives 1,920,000 results. A Peakaboo search for "Mormonism" gives only 1 result, which turns out to be a site that has nothing to do with Mormonism.

I don't think this boycott is going to work.

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