Sunday, 19 August 2007

Review of The Mormons


The Mormons is a 4-hour online documentary about the Mormon faith. I have just watched the first 2 hours and I must say it's very fascinating to look into the lives of these people.

It all started when Joseph Smith the founder claimed to have a revelation from God. Of course I am highly skeptical about all this. Anyone can claim to have a revelation from God. Many Americans thought the same. In fact, Mormons for a long time were oppressed by Christians in America. Laws were made forcing them to move from one place to another. They were not allowed to vote and their property was taken away from them.

In the supposed land of freedom, these Mormons were kicked around and bullied by the government. The pressure was so strong that, facing intense pressure, the Mormons had to let go of one of their sacred beliefs, that of polygamy or plural marriage.

Today the Mormon church, also known as Latter Day Saints, seems to have turned against itself. Although the Latter Day Saints have renounced polygamy, many Mormon fundamentalists still practice it.

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