Sunday, 6 November 2011

Superficiality is Happiness

Being superficial is essential for happiness. The moment you penetrate the surface of superficiality, you plunge into areas of corruption, selfishness, pain, and violence. You don't want to be there, and if you are already there, keep it to yourself. That you have witnessed the worst of humanity should be concealed from the innocent, so as not to drag them down with you and pollute their virgin minds.

Live in the moment. Seek happiness in the present; be superficial and optimistic. When you turn your thoughts to your past, selectively dwell upon happy moments, and suppress traumatic memories. When you plan for the future, be risk-averse, so as to ensure that your future self does not stumble into grief while having fun.

Live on the surface, and try to rescue those who are up to their necks. Be wary of those who live within the depths, for they, like predators of the sea, will grab on to you, and you will drown in realism.

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