Saturday, 16 July 2011

APN AREIT Fund Yields 9%

As of 16 July 2011, the APN AREIT Fund gives a distribution yield of 9.12 per cent, paid monthly. I have been invested in the APN AREIT Fund for a little over half a year now, and I am very happy with not only the high distribution yield but also the monthly income as well as the stability of the investment income. The payout from the APN AREIT Fund is so stable and predictable that I can make plans for various spending and can reasonably rely on future APN payouts to pay off the liabilities (e.g. if I use a credit card). This predictability, high performance, and stability created by what is seemingly highly compentent active management makes me question the value of unpreditable index funds that pay quarterly distributions that are highly variable.

My hope is that as the income from my APN fund increases, I can devote more of my salary income to investments and rely on the income produced by APN to fund all my living expenses. This means that ultimately I will be able to live without working, which for me is very appealing!

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