Thursday, 24 February 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Episode 2

This blog post contains spoilers.

In this episode, Russells tribe once again win the immunity challenge early. Most of the action happens after the immunity challenge. In Russell's tribe, a castaway named Ralph who looks like a stereotypical redneck farmer finds the hidden immunity idol without any clues. Russell snatches the clue but because Ralph has already found the idol, it is pointless. To make matters worse for Russell, most of the men in his tribe (who outnumber the women) saw him snatching the clue and are eager to vote him off because he is not trustworthy. I am convinced that Russell will not survive in this game and will go out early. The only thing saving him at the moment is his team's ability to win immunity challenges. His reputation for being untrustworthy is only being confirmed when he continues to behave deviously.

Over at the other tribe, it is expected that Rob would orchestrate the ouster or the crazy man Phillip or Kristina. However, he notices that Matt and Andrea may be forming a strong romantic alliance, that Andrea is strong player, especially when she has control of Matt. To fix this problem he forms a four-player alliance to get rid of Matt, which weakens Andrea and makes her dependent on him. By also sparing Phillip he also controls him through fear. This looks good for Rob but I am worried that with a four versus three position with Phillip, Kristina, and Andrea in the minority in Rob's tribe, all it will take for this tribe to flip on him is if one person from his alliance defects. Keeping Phillip in the game may be a good move as he seems harmless to Rob and also seems very loyal.

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