Sunday, 16 January 2011

Health, Wealth, and Wisdom

How can a person be happy? Different people have different answers to this question, but for this post I would like to talk about myself and my journey in life to find happiness. I believe that for me to be happy I should focus on attaining adequate health, wealth, and wisdom.

Health refers to eating right, exercise adequately, and getting good sleep. It also involves seeing your doctor regularly to get checked, as well as avoiding risky activities like binge drinking or unsafe sex. Wealth refers to making money. Wisdom is knowledge about everything, from knowledge of health to knowledge of a spirtual nature.

Often people go overboard trying to get as much health, wealth, and wisdom as possible, and my casual observation leads me to believe that being obsessive about health, wealth, or wisdom can actually make you unhappy rather than happy. For example, some hypochondriacs read every health scare on the internet and go to the doctor thirty times a week; people obsessed with money earn $100,000 per year but believe it is insufficient because their friends are earning double that, so they work 80 hours per week to try to catch up. This is why I stress the word "adequate." I believe that, when it comes to health and wealth, you if you're doing enough, then you are doing enough.

Another way I find happiness is not to worry too much. Being content with your health and wealth is one way you can stop worrying. Instead of worrying about getting heart disease in the future, go out there and do your thirty-minutes-per-day exercise or start eating healthy food. In other words, get busy doing what you need to do and don't sit around and worry.

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