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Kuta Beach

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Parent Trap (1998)

I have finished watching The Parent Trap, starring a young Lindsay Lohan.

The movie is about two twin sisters who meet at a summer camp. One girl has a mother who lives in England and the other sister has a father who lives in a vineyard in California. Both these people used to be together in an intimate relationship but then separated. Both little girls want their parents to get back together again, so they hatch a plan to switch places and persuade their parents to meet again.

As an obstacle to the two getting together again, the man who owns a vineyard is engaged to be married to a golddigger woman.

Lindsay Lohan who plays both the sisters Annie and Halle was adorable as a teenager. But unfortunately the the Parent Trap can be too cliched and sterotypical. The golddigger publicist who does not like camping is one such stereotype that went too far. But nevertheless, this was a very cute movie and I would recommend it to others.

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