Monday, 14 June 2010

Annoying Bee Noise During FIFA World Cup

I usually don't get into sport much but many of my friends at work and outside of work are into sport, so I think it makes sense for me to at least read up about sport so that I can have a conversation with my friends and colleagues.

I have entered a FIFA World Cup 2010 tipping competition at work. I paid $10 to get into it and there are currently 40 people who are in it. The winner gets 65 per cent of all the money, so that's $260 for the winner. That's not bad. Second and third place people also get prizes.

I turned on the soccer and thre is an annoying noise at every game. It sounds like there is a bee buzzing around. After a while I notice that it is not my TV because the games played on the FIFA website also make this bee noise. I have realized that this bee noise is due to the fans blowing on plastic horns. It is extremely annoying and FIFA officials should consider banning it. Some people have told me that you cannot ban people from doing something just because it annoys you. My reply is, "Yes you can." Surely FIFA understands that this noise annoys viewers and if viewers are annoyed they are likely to switch off and this may have an effect on advertising revenue. Surely FIFA has the power to ban these horns. If they are indeed the ones who run the game and set the rules, they would be able to set up a rule banning these horns.

Personally I find soccer and even AFL football to be less entertaining than a competition like, say, Survivor. In the reality TV gameshow Survivor you can sort of predict what will happen. You do so by asking yourself who is in what alliance, what would each player do if he were acting in his best interest, and so forth. With soccer and football it is completely up in the air. There really is no way you can create a logical argument to back up whether you think a particular team will win a game because there are just so many variables.

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